Fish Equipment

Equipment and machinery for fish, seafood, oyster & surimi Industries.

- Meat bones separators, de-boners and de-sinewers.
- Microwave thawing tunnel.
- In-pack cooking and pasteurization tunnel.
- Skinners, scalers and fish slicers.
- Germicidal water production for chemical free environment and longer shelf life.
- Eviscerating machines.
- Filleting machines.
- Headcutting machines.
- Skinning machines.
- Pinbones removers.
- Intelligent Portion cutter.
- Smoked Salmon slicer.
- Slicers.
- Scaling machines.
- Automated Fish Grading lines.
- Automated Oysters Grading lines.
- Fully Automated Fish Processing line design and equipment.


Food Processing

- Membrane remover and chop and meat slicers.
- Microwave thawing tunnel.
- Brining and marinade process and injectors, vacuum tumblers.
- Shaping, cooking, cooling process.
- Bowl Cutters
- Meat Mincers
- Refrigerated Meat Mincers
- Mixers
- Stuffers
- Chop Cutters
- Vacuum Machines
- Kneaders
- Band Saws





YES WE DO    supply the famous 2-minutes-on-line tempering and defrosting tunnel from MES-Technologies

YES WE DO   supply surimi and cartilage extraction machines from LIMA

YES WE DO      help fish companies increase their profits with longer shelf life and improved appearance of fish with the Petfrost germicidal water

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