Game Meat Equipment

Equipment and machinery for game bird, rabbit, quail, pheasant, guinea fowl & squab Industries.


- Sheds and housing by C-Lines ( prefabricated and dedicated for farming of broilers, breeders, layers, cages, barn, free range, ducks, game birds).
- Sheds and housing by Le Triangle  ( prefabricated and dedicated for farming of broilers, breeders, layers, cages, barn, free range, ducks, game birds)
- Farming equipment (auto feeding, drinking, heating, cooling ,ventilation, cages,scrapers).
- Cages for game birds farming, Pheasants, Partridges, Quails, Squabs.
- Cages for Rabbit farming.
- Fiberglass Feed Silos, from 2 to 75 m3, from 4 to 45 Tons


- Eggs and Chicks, Candling, handling, counting, washing, weighting.
- Day-old chicks Transport Equipment and Trucks.

Abattoirs & Processing

- Rabbit de-hiders, pelt pullers.
- Waxing system for quails.
- Manual processing tools and equipment.
- Processing: from stand alone machines, to fully automated processing line.
- Compact abattoirs and processing line.
- Conveyor lines, overhead, tubular and T tracks, and belt.
- Animal welfare, traditional or ritual processing (halal, kosher).
- Live bird area, crate washers, crate and containers auto handling systems.
- Transport crates and drawers.
- Stunners and killing systems.
- Scalders, air jet and propeller turbine.
- Plucking machines: disk and counter-rotation pluckers.
- Picking rubber fingers.
- Waxing systems, and wax, for duck and quail processing.
- Evisceration: automatic and manual.
- Offal handling and processing.
- Automatic deboning and cut up systems.
- Meat bones separators, de-boners and de-sinewers.
- Processed birds and meat trays and trolleys.

Food Processing

- Microwave tempering and thawing tunnels.
- Brining and marinade process and injectors, vacuum tumblers.
- Shaping, cooking, cooling process.
- Membrane remover and chop and meat slicers.
- Wash basins and knife sterilizers, boots washers.
- Germicidal water production for chemical free environment.
- Bowl Cutters
- Meat Mincers
- Refrigerated Meat Mincers
- Mixers
- Stuffers
- Chop Cutters
- Vacuum Machines
- Kneaders
- Band Saws


YES WE DO    supply fully equipped sheds for rabbit farmer

YES WE DO   supply manual equipment for small scale abattoirs



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