Red Meat Equipment

Equipment and machinery for single specie and multi specie, cattle, beef, veal, lamb, sheep, mutton, goat, deer, kangaroo & camel Industries.

Abattoirs & Processing

- From stand alone machines to fully automated processing line.
- Slaughterhouse automated lines
- Overhead handling
- Conveyor lines, tracks, rollers, gambrels, hooks.
- Animal welfare, traditional or ritual processing (halal, kosher,...).
- Stunners, restrainers, killing pens.
- Pneumatic lifting platforms.
- Hide pullers.
- Offal handling and processing.
- Wash basins and knife sterilizers.
- Germicidal water production for chemical free environment.
- Meat bones separators, de-boners and de-sinewers.

Food Processing

- Membrane remover and chop and meat slicers.
- Microwave thawing tunnel.
- Brining and marinade process and injectors, vacuum tumblers.
- Shaping, cooking, cooling process.
- Bowl Cutters
- Meat Mincers
- Refrigerated Meat Mincers
- Mixers
- Stuffers
- Chop Cutters
- Vacuum Machines
- Kneaders
- Band Saws

YES WE DO    take extra care for: Ergonomics, animal welfare, your product quality

YES WE DO   supply 14 tons per hour LIMA Meat Bone Separators

YES WE DO   design and deliver high capacity automated abattoirs for Beef and Lamb



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